April 3rd World Party Day

Okay, so I am not sure who picked a Monday for World Party Day but… why? I mean, I like a party as much as the next guy but putting it on a Monday just isn’t fair. Some of us have to work, and even if we didn’t… it’s a Monday!


Of course, I guess any day can actually be a party day depending on your attitude. And I am sure people have birthdays on Monday. So, party day it is! You don’t really need a reason to party, just being alive is reason enough! And it doesn’t have to be a big party… but I do think you have to have a least two people to officially call it a party.


A party is a great time to wear a hat. I doubt anyone would say anything to you. Hats certainly show your personality and style so they are ideal for partying. They also go well to show who is actually partying and who isn’t. So make sure you take a hat with you where ever you go today in case you happen to walk into a unannounced party somewhere.


And if you run into a party like the one above be sure to wear your hat, maybe some sunglasses and a mask so no one knows you actually were a part of such a party. Do realize you may be the highlight of these guys’ day so give it your all. Sing some songs, dance a little, and tell a few jokes. Actually, anything you do will probably brighten their day.


So go wild, go mad, go crazy! It’s World Party Day and somewhere, someplace, someone is waiting for you to make their day!

How to celebrate – Find some reason to party today. Make sure those around you know that you are a partying and have not just gone out of your mind. Celebrate Monday, after all it only comes once a week!


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