March 27th National Joe Day

This is another one of those days where you get to change your name if you want to. The only catch is, it has to be Joe, or Josephine if your female. Why Joe? Why not? Every morning you probably start your day with a cup of Joe so why not keep joe as your name for the day since you started it off that way.


Besides, who is cooler than Joe Cool? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to be cool for the day? (Not that you normally aren’t anyway) The cool sunglasses, thew cool red shirt, the cool attitude.


Or maybe you could be like Josephine Bonaparte. Do you like short guys that want to rule the world? Could be a perfect match!


Or maybe you’d like to be the All American Hero, G. I. Joe. During World War 2 the Japanese soldiers use to call American’s Joe because it was such a common name. They were nearly certain to find at least one Joe among the men that faced them, or maybe even a Josephine.


And your final choice is Joe, as in Sloopy Joe, for those of us that are not real tidy but like to think we still have good taste.

How to celebrate – Take the name Joe for  the day and use it to your advantage. Call all your friends, and family, Joe. In fact call everyone you run into today Joe. It makes it much easier to remember their names and they will probably correct you giving you the name that escaped you. Then you can explain to them that it is Joe day, a perfect cover!

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