March 16th Everything You Do Is Right Day

Finally, a day I don’t have to worry about. I never do anything right! Yes, it would be nice to do something right, actually allow what you have learned to serve some purpose, but it seldom happens.


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That old saying, “I thought I was right once, but I was wrong” should not apply to today. It should be a day when everything you do is right, at least with someone, even if it is just yourself. In all reality though, it is very hard to be right with everyone. Someone will find exception to your being right.


About the only thing I can be right about is the fact that I am never right! But that is probably wrong as well. Can you imagine though, an entire day where everything you do is right!?!  Yesterday was “Everything You do Is Wrong Day” so it only seems natural that the following day should be “Everything You Do Is Right Day”.


Look at it this way… you got a 50-50 chance. You will either be right, or you will be wrong! Of course, there is being sort of right, where you get half of what you are doing right while the other half is wrong.

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Well, you got a chance. Just remember to bring your umbrella with you cause more likely than not, it’s gonna rain.

How to celebrate – Do only things you know are right. Ask the others around you what is right (atleast you stand a chance to make them happy). Only make right hand turns.


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