March 15th Dumbstruck Day

If you have ever found something in life that just totally mystify you then today is your day. Something so stupid you can’t believe someone believes, or doesn’t believe, what you see so clearly.


The fact is, that we all see things differently. Someone who actually educates themselves on what is going on around them probably can make a good guess on what is true and what isn’t. However most of us just accept what we hear and believe it whether it has any truth to it or not.

images (4)

There are those who think that a stop sign is only a suggestion, that they deserve something just because they exist and if they say something it is the same thing as doing it. I am always amazed at what people believe to be true.

images (5)

In example, (And not being political) Ben Carson just made a speech speaking of slavery and immigrants, he was slammed for his comments and yet President Obama made the exact same statement made in a speech that most feel was one of the finest he ever made. So what was the difference? It was the perception of the people he was speaking to?

download (2)

And criminals are always complaining about their rights… ah, didn’t they willingly give those up when they decided to commit the crime? Ah, it’s all what’s in the eye, and mind, of the beholder. But it does leave you a little dumbstruck by what people believe in, and don’t believe in.

How to celebrate – Count how many things dumbfound you during your day. Read a newspaper circling how many things dumbfound you.. including typos and words spelt wrong or used wrong. (Since they are done by supposed writers!)



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