March 12th National Plant A Flower Day

Now that winter has past, at least in the south, it’s time to beautify our yards again with fresh flowers. They smell good, look pretty and give all sorts of insects a place to call home. There is nothing that will brighten up your day like a fresh bed of flowers.

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Of course there are certain flowers you may not want to plant. Poppy plants do have a tendency to make one  a little sleepy. You may want to avoid poison ivy too.


It seems important that you know the parts of the flower so that you can nurture it and help it grow. They say talking to your plants will help them grow. Since I do not have a green thumb, I need all the help I can get! I plan on reading to my flowers… I don’t have that much to talk to them about.

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There apparently a number of plant flower days on the lists of holidays. Today seems to get the most attention. So if it’s still too cold where you are you’ll get another chance later, when the ground has thawed out some.

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But as spring comes and love fills the air, flowers do brighten up your day. They make you forget the harshness of winter. After all, April showers bring May flowers, but it’s just March so you may have to wait just a bit.

How to celebrate – Plant some flowers. Remember to cover them up though if you get another freeze in your area. Study the different types you can plant. Pick out the most hearty for your first planting. Visit a nursery and see all the varieties that are available.


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