March 11th National Worship of Tools Day

Well if you’ve ever not had the right tool to do a job you’ll understand why this day is so important. The right tool makes all the difference between doing something right and something wrong. Now I am not so sure you should “worship” a tool but I guess it couldn’t hurt either.


Much of what we have today we owe to the tools of yesterday. Back then, they actually needed more tools because they didn’t have multiple use tools like we have today. However if it were not for those tools we would not have half the things we have today. Today we look at those old time tools and wonder what they were used for! There is a huge marker for ancient tools however and they can be worth a small fortune.


Today, we are into power tools. We might not ever use them but they look cool and we have to have them and once you’ve figured out what they are good for you may actually use them, building something you didn’t know you needed until you had the tool to build them.

download (3)

Now I am often told I have way too many tools, that they take up too much room and they are useless. I tend to believe though that you can never have too many tools, particularly when you tend to lose them. So maybe 35 screwdrivers is a bit over the line but each one tells it’s own story, has it’s own use and look mighty hanging on the wall.


And I am not sure why we associate pretty women with tools. Perhaps it makes men feel like they can build themselves the perfect woman. (Of course we all know they are perfect to start with) Okay, so maybe I’d better stop here and go find something to build. I feel the urge to make Tim Allen happy!

How to celebrate – Go buy some more tools, you never know when you might need them. Build an alter to put your tools on. Go look at the tools you have and try to name all of them and what they do.


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