March 10th Middle Name Pride Day

So most of us have a middle name. It’s normally something odd that we are not sure why, or where, it came from. More often than not it comes from some relative we have probably never known, some traditionally handed down name that meant something to someone somewhere along the line but has lost it’s appeal over the years.


Perhaps it came from Uncle Bill, who no one knew exactly who Uncle Bill was other than someone in the family. His name didn’t merit being handed down as your first name, but it couldn’t be ignored either.


Or maybe it came from Aunt Wilma, who was a body builder. No one is exactly sure whatever happened to her. There is a rumor that as she puffed up for one show she exploded but that’s a little hard to believe.


And maybe it came from someone known as Pat. You can never be sure if Pat was a man or a woman but it doesn’t really matter. You have been honored to bear their name.

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And on occasion you may even receive several middle names for perhaps a set of relatives that performed in a circus or just liked to dress funny. Whatever reason it doesn’t really matter because you got he name and now have to deal with it. You can take pride in it or try and hide it but it will always be there, unless of course you get a legal name change.

How to celebrate – Wear your middle name with pride! If you are a parent make sure you think through your child’s middle name before assigning it. Try using your middle name as your first name and see if people know who you are.


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