March 6th National Frozen Food Day

Sadly, we all seem to get our fair share of frozen food… fortunately, it’s gotten better over he years. It really is a National holiday too, by an act of Congress, Resolution #193 signed by Ronald Reagan in 1984.


Frozen food has been with us for quite a while. The Russians use to ship out food actually frozen in large blocks of ice. Chicken and Geese seemed to work best but fish and fruit were also frozen, naturally. Thawing it out must have been a bear though. No microwave and melting the block of ice over fire didn’t work well either since the ice would turn into water and put the fire out!


In 1929, Clarence Birdseye figured out how to flash freeze food making it both fresher and easier to thaw out. It started with fish but the imagination is now the limit. In the past there was some danger that the food would have gone bad before it actually froze but not anymore. In most cases all the minerals and vitamins are still contained in the food.


Now we can have berries and vegetables any time we want them, not just when they are in season. Want a piece of chicken from Russia, no problem! (Though I am not sure why you would want it) How about a fresh plate of squid from the land down under… done! If you can dream it up they can freeze it and get it to you, for the right price of course.


How to celebrate – Start your day out with say some… frozen waffles! Get a froze dinner to take for lunch today. Prepare a prepackaged family meal, frozen naturally, for the family dinner tonight.


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