February 27th No Brainer Day

It is amazing how many people could enjoy this day if they just used their brains even a little bit. It is the day to treat every issue as though it is something simple to deal with, a real no brainer.


The brain is a very complex machine. It can do many things without us making it work. If we allow the brain to function, it generally serves us well. It’s only when we overthink a situation that we tend to make it more complicated than it ever really was.


Today was created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith in 1995, ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’.  There are somethings you think you should just not have to mention but then you find out you really did need to after-all. Like, don’t drink from a toilet, unless of course you are a dog.


And the machines we make don’t actually think anymore than we give them the ability to. No brainers should include things like… fire will burn, but how many of us test this theory and get burnt?  Texting while driving leads to accidents, but many of us still do. Standing in front of a speeding train is not a good thing, unless you are Superman (and even then it’s not too bright).


So use your brain today. Or better yet, let your brain lead you… it will make less mistakes than you think!

How to celebrate – Come up with a list of no brainers and see how many you break daily. Count how many things you see people do today that if they had been using their brains they probably wouldn’t have done. List how many things you believe your body does without you thinking about it.

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