February 18th National Battery Day

Where would we be without the battery today? Cars couldn’t start, there would be no cell phones, there would never have been a boombox, hearing aids, toys, this list goes on and on and on and on… just like the Energizer Bunny!


As with a lot of things in our life we owe much of what would eventually turn into the battery to Benjamin Franklin. He began to experiment with the what would become the battery.


But is was actually Alessandra Volta who began his experiments in 1791, leading to the first working battery in 1800. At first, as with most inventions, the battery was large and bulky making it somewhat impractical to use. Over the years the battery has been developed so small that at times it’s almost impossible to even see.


So whether it’s AA, AAA, D, C or whatever you need, the battery has become indispensable. You do need to take care though not to leave batteries plugged into whatever source requires them. As they deteriorate they leave behind corrosive material that can destroy the connections.


And always remember to keep fresh batteries on hand as you never know when you might need one.

How to celebrate – Get a tester and make sure the batteries you have on hand are still good. Change the batteries in your fire detector, and any other alarms you may have, today. Try the test to see if a 9 volt battery is still working. Place teh two tips of the battery on your tongue, the level it shocks you will tell you how good it is.


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