February 15th Susan B. Anthony Day

It seems that since the beginning of time, women have had to fight for their rights. Today few would disagree that women should have always had that right. (And if they do they had better keep it to themselves!)


Susan B. Anthony fought for the right to vote nearly all of her life. Born on February 15th, 1820 she made it her life long duty to right that wrong. She was anti-slavery and believed women were the equal to all men. The men of her era believed she was trying to destroy the institution of marriage… she was not. Her primary goal was attempting to win the right to vote giving women a say in how life would be for themselves and their children.


She was arrested in 1872 for attempting to vote and though she was instrumental in the passing of the 19th amendment she would not live long enough to see it finally passed in 1920. (Her death came in 1906)


To date, she is the only woman to appear on an American coin, the silver dollar. She will probably not be the last though. Everyone should have the right to vote, be respected and live life the way they choose. It should not matter what sex they are, or what color they are, or where they come from. Sometimes one must take their fight beyond what seems reasonable to others, but there is also a point where they may take it too far, stepping on the rights of others.


It is a fine art to get what you want while keeping others on your side. No doubt that while you are trying to obtain your end others will resist. Yelling and screaming rarely does the trick because while you may get it, you will create many, many enemies along the way. Susan B. Anthony was a great woman, let’s all learn from her victories… and from her losses as well.

How to celebrate – Celebrate the rights you have, not everyone has them! Try to make positive change, not negative resistance. Read a book about Susan B. Anthony.


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