February 13th Get A Different Name Day

Wow, have you been to a school lately and heard some of the names kids have? Some have 18 letters and cannot be pronounced by even a linguist! How can parents name their kids such bizarre names? I mean, I have a very common name and have never liked it all that much but at least it’s something people can say, remember and understand.


Look at the names above. How many can you pronounce? And these are easy ones! I work with kids a lot and have taken to calling anyone I cannot remember their name because it something bizarre, at least to me, so I call them Bob, or Fred, or something funny. They laugh and take it all in fun but for me, it’s a blessing. I want to call them by their names but who can remember Ulicksa or Orajami or Andressia? (And yes, those are real names I have run into.)


Well today is your day! You can give yourself any name you want (now this is only for today unless you do it legally). If you have a common name you can make it something wild and unusual. Or if you have been given a name no one understands, or worse… embarrasses you… you can make it simple. Sue, Mary, Jim, Joe… whatever you like.

British breed kitten isolated on a white background.

And while we are at it, what’s with animal names? Why do they always have to be weird or cute. Dogs named Killer often lick you to death and cats named Fluffy might rip your hand off. Let the animal give themselves a name by what they do! Like Runner or Jumpy or even something so simple as… “Hey You!”. I had a dog named Excalibur, I could not imagine myself calling him that so I thought and came up with Uther… that didn’t work either. I could not see myself out in the front yard calling… “Uther! Uther!” So I came up with “Blade”, it worked.


Whatever reason you have for wanting a different name, today is your day to try it out and see how it works for you. Now don’t try and pass yourself off as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson (I don’t think anybody would believe you anyway). This holiday is copyrighted by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Pick out a nice new name for yourself. Choose different names for your children today. Give your cat or dog the name you always wanted them to have.


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