February 9th National Pizza Day

Americans, on average, eat 23 pounds of pizza per person a year. Over 3 billion pizzas are sold per year in America. So do you think we Americans like pizza??!?


We find new and different ways to indulge, such as taking a cheeseburger and fries and turning it into all things – a pizza, of course. Some even make fruit covered pizzas, dipped in chocolate for a different kind of dessert. Some people try to make it healthier by covering it in vegetables, while others don’t care and add every type of meat they can think of.


No one is exactly sure where pizza came from, but it was probably not Italian to start with. There is a theory that pizza came from the Greek soldiers traveling with Alexander the Great. Given their daily ration of a flat bread they would spread it out over their shield and put whatever seasoning and vegetables they could find on it. Oil was added to keep the bread soft and soak in the seasoning.


The 2 most popular days for eating pizza are Super Bowl Sunday and Halloween. (after the last Super Bowl I can only imagine it is also the most popular day for antacid too!) 17% of all restaurants in the US sell pizza. The first original pizza was sold in Naples, Italy in 1738.


So do like the Roman’s do, eat pizza!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today! Share a pizza with a friend today! Make up your own special type of pizza.

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