February 6th Lame Duck Day

As long as you wield some kind of power people respect you and listen to what you have to say. As soon as they know you are retiring, leaving a job, or about to be replaced with someone else you have suddenly become a “Lame Duck”. This probably applies to the President of the the Untied States more than any other job in the world.


The 20th Amendment, finalized on February 6th, 1933, sets the time and date that the President’s power is turned over to the President-Elect. From the moment of the election, time begins to tick and every day that passes, the president seems to lose a little power, a little more influence, and a little more respect. It not only applies to Presidents, Congressmen and Senators also go through this same process. However it seems to be the president who suffers the most.


Normally whatever a President does in the last few weeks of office is offset by the new President coming into office. Presidential pardons come fast and furious sine there can be no political fallout to the President, money exchanges hands that may be left over in administrations, and congress generally refuses to entertain any motions, laws, or bills placed before them by the out going President.

How to celebrate – Think of all the out going Presidents and how they feel knowing they are leaving office. If your boss has announced their retirement see how little power they retain during their final days. Try to imagine your own pending retirement and how you will handle being a “lame duck”.

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