February 5th Super Bowl Sunday

Well who doesn’t know this is Super Bowl Sunday, #51!?! When you are an Atlanta Falcon fan or a New England Patriot fan or just a football fan there is something for everyone today. We can only hope it will be a good game, but there is nothing to guarantee that. Millions will tune in, some just to see the new commercials that always air during the game; some to see the halftime entertainment; others just to have the noise in the background; and for most, it’s just to have a reason to have a party and celebrate friends, family, and fun!


It seems like the New England Patriots have been in the Super Bowl every year since football began. There is a reason for this… they are good. You want to hate them, you want to say they are no good but you just can’t. From the players to the coaches there are few teams that can compete with them.


For the sake of those Atlanta fans, lets hope that one of the surprise teams of the year can stand up to the Patriots at least to make a game of it. Nothing against the Falcons but they do not have the history that the Patriots do. Still, they are a good team too so who knows, anything can happen!


Churches generally get involved with Souper Bowl Sundays, collecting soup for those in need across America. It is a really good way to give back to the community without spending a lot.


One of the more exciting Super Bowl games was in 1973 when the Miami Dolphins beat the Minnesota Vikings. The game itself wasn’t all that good but it was the crowning glory of the only team ever to go undefeated in a season.

How to celebrate – Whatever reason you choose, celebrate the Super Bowl. It may be for the game, the teams playing, the friendship while gathered to watch the game, the snacks and treats, the half time show, the commercials, the soup or just because traffic is lighter on the roads… enjoy. It’s Super Bowl Sunday!


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