January 21st National Hugging Day

There is nothing like a hug. People, animals and maybe even plants gain from a hug. Offering one and accepting one is gracious and warming showing support, caring and devotion all at the same time.

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You feel better after offering a hug and better after receiving a hug. It may be a polite hug or a bear hug filled with emotions. And somehow, animals even seem to understand the power of a hug. It is said that dogs offer hugs with their eyes… but sometimes they go further than that as well.

Boy with three puppies

The need to hug is normally obvious. People even hug their pillows at night, friends hug when something either happy, or sad, happens and lovers hug as the beginning of their relationship.


National Hug Day was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Caro, Michigan in 1986. I don’t think many of us actually need a day to be told to hug each other, it seems to come pretty naturally.


How to celebrate – Hug someone today. A friend, a child, a pet or a lover. Count how many hugs you see today. Hug someone you have considered an enemy, it will go a long way to heal old wounds.


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