January 17th Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

We all do it. We all start our new year off by making resolutions that we intend to keep but never do. Our intentions are good, we mean what we say when we say it, but usually, by day 2 we have already begun to break those resolutions no matter how simple they are.

Female became skinny and wearing old jeans

Nearly all of us need to lose some weight and it is a primary resolution at the end of the year. The thing is, nearly everyone who goes on a diet breaks it within a week of going on it. The reason is, we get fixed on what we can’t have instead of what we can have. So all that is on our mind is that piece of cake, that greasy cheeseburger, or bowl of ice cream. Maybe if we just got busy doing something besides eating we would actually lose weight! It is actually easier to change our lifestyle then it is to harp on what we can’t have.


We also resolve to listen to each other better. It rarely works but we try. What we should really resolve to do is figure out how can we all serve each other better. That takes the focus off us and puts it on we.


We resolve to use our time better but it rarely happens. We often say we will take out those things that serve no purpose in our lives so we can get things done. The problem is, those things are things we enjoy. How can you make yourself better by eliminating those things you enjoy doing? Between work and sleep, if we just create more work we will need more sleep.


Instead of making resolutions you can’t keep, and then getting all upset about them, why make them in the first place? images-1

How to celebrate – Go ahead and break those resolutions now and get it out of the way. Don’t waste your time by making resolutions. Make only resolutions you know you can keep.


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