January 8th Bubble Bath Day

As I have stated before, I do not totally understand the concept of a bath. If you are taking a bath because you want to get clean, it makes no sense to me at all. Whatever dirt you have accumulated during the day you transfer to the water as soon as you sit down in the tub. Hence, when you are done, and rise up to get out of the bath, you will carry a certain amount of that dirt back on you. Just look at the ring around your tub when the water drains out to prove my point.


I do understand the idea of the bath for infants. First off, they either can’t stand yet or they can’t stand for very long. And I suppose even as they get older they like to play in the water. I guess this is what we call good clean fun!


I even understand it for animals, who are probably having to be restrained while they are bathed. I have never met one that will take a shower on their own. And naturally if you get in there with them you may need a bath to sooth those muscles you have strained.bubble-bath-600x450

I even understand the relaxation felt when sitting in a hot tub of water. Athletes use it to relax and help massage those bruised bones and pulled muscles. Adding a little aromatic therapy can be a really good idea as well. However, if the purpose is to get clean then you will need a shower afterwards, before or both! The bubbles do help, I’m not exactly sure why, but they do.


Now when you add a little champagne, candles and some bubbles to your bath I begin to get an entirely different picture. Add a few chocolates, some romantic music and two people, already clean from taking a shower, the idea changes completely! The peek-a-boo effect is fun and I suppose it could still be categorized as having a little clean fun!

How to celebrate – Make your own good reason for a bubble bath. Try taking a bubble shower! Plan a massive bubble bath with the entire family, including the animals, dressed appropriately of course.

One thought on “January 8th Bubble Bath Day

  1. The ring on the bathtub is lime soap — the product of soap with “hardness” minerals in water — and the dirt it traps. Sure, some of that gets left on you too. However, you can prevent that by “softening” the water, or not using soap (using a substitute like Dove or body wash if you want to get clean), or washing (even with soap) in bubble bath water (even if “hard”), which keeps lime soap from depositing as scum.

    If there’s no ring forming, the amount of dirt redepositing on your skin is minuscule. Consider the amount of water that was in the bath, and assume the dirt to have been uniformly mixed in it — which it will be if there’s no scum. How much of that water is left on your skin, later to dry there or on a towel? A tablespoonful? From, say, 30 gallons? That’d be 1 part in 7,680. So OK, 0.013% of the dirt you started with settles back on your skin — even if you air dried yourself instead of toweling. Clean enough?

    However, if there is a ring forming, it’ll mostly float first to the surface as soap curds and then a scum layer. As you emerge from the water, it will stick to you. And since it’s made only partly from your original dirt, and you probably used several times as much soap as the amount of dirt it washed off, if you bathe with “hard” water and actual soap, with no bubble bath in the water, counting the lime soap as dirt, theoretically you can wind up dirtier than you started!

    So your intuition was right, the bubbles do help, and that’s why.

    Now maybe you can explain what’s appropriate dress for the animals, or even the humans of the family, in the bathtub. Or how a bubble shower’s supposed to work — like foam dancing/partying?


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