January 5th National Bird Day

If there is one creature on earth that represents freedom it has to be the bird. National bird day is a day to reflect on caging of birds and selling them in pet stores. Can a captive bird be a happy bird?


Well the elements are certainly a problem for all birds. Caught in the rain or snow can be devastating for a bird in the wild. They will suffer from the extreme cold or weather. However, most birds’ instincts make them aware of weather changes and are able to avoid them.


So even though they can live in a controlled environment, will they be happy in a cage? Most have their wings clipped so they cannot fly anymore and while food is as plentiful as the owner makes it, there is no more hunting, seeking, or searching for nourishment. That too is something instinctive to most wild animals.


And some of the most expensive birds are popular among the people who care for them. Parakeets, macaws, cockatiels, parrots and cockatoos are sought after by bird lovers all over the world but they are also found in the wild, often in great numbers. Think of putting any animal in a cage and leaving them there for most of their lives. How happy can they be? You can teach some to talk, feed them what they love to eat most, and love them all you want, but they are still are captive.


Birds are meant to be free. They are meant to soar above us and inspire us. They represent the ultimate choice of freedom.

How to celebrate – Admire any bird you see in the sky. Think twice before buying a bird for a pet. If you do buy one, try to give it a life outside a cage, but do not release a bird once you have caged it, as it not longer has the ability to live free. Rescue a bird from a shelter. Volunteer at a local bird rescue.


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