January 4th National Spaghetti Day

Spaghetti is not actually a food, it is a shape. In fact it is 1 of over 600 shapes pasta is cut, formed and molded into. And another shocker, Marco Polo did not bring spaghetti back from China to Italy. The fact is, it had been in use in Europe long before Marco Polo made his trip to China.


The Chinese are the first known to use spaghetti some 5,000 BC. The Arab communities used a dried spaghetti type pasta in their meals around 1200. And here’s an appetizing thought, spaghetti in Italian roughly means string or twine.


Thomas Jefferson brought spaghetti to America after spending time in Italy before he became President. Later, the flood of Italians coming to a new life in America spread it’s popularity across the United States.


You can top spaghetti with just about any topping you choose. The traditional tomato sauce is just one style. Butter, garlic, cheese, chicken or beef broth… you can even put ice cream on it! It’s a great meal by itself or as a side dish with practically anything. It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t like spaghetti.


Some a little too much.

How to celebrate – Have some spaghetti for lunch or dinner today, maybe even breakfast. Create your own spaghetti dish involving something no one else has ever thought of. See if you can dry out wet spaghetti back to it’s original form.


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