January 2nd 2017 National Science Fiction Day

Science Fiction is really in the eye of the beholder. Today we see it as something to do with the future, just as they did a hundred years ago, but the future has changed a lot.


Many saw the work of Jules Verne as science fiction and indeed, in its day, it was. Many of the unbelievable things Verne wrote about have actually come into existence today. Whether they were inspired by Jules Verne or not we will never truly know but what was not possible a hundred years ago is today common place.


Science fiction day commemorates the birth of of Isaac Asimou, born on January 2nd, 1920. He is considered one of the top three science fiction writers in history. The other two are Robert A. Heinlin and Arthur C. Clarke. Asimou was actually born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov, which with a name like that I guess you are bound to a life of science fiction. Among his credits the works of The Foundation Series, Galactic Empire Series and the Robot Series. Asimou died on April 6th, 1992.


Considered among the top science fiction series are; Star Trek-The Next Generation, The X-Files, Doctor Who and the Twilight Zone. I am not sure who made up this list, maybe we will find out in the future.


The new Steam Punk world seems to mix the old world with the new world, often confusing but then I guess its all about what you choose to believe and what you don’t. Just remember, no matter how much you want to believe in the future you cannot have it with out the past where someone once believe that the future is exactly what we are living now.

How to celebrate – Watch a series of sci-fi movies or television shows. Read some sci-fi books. Make up your own idea of what you think the future will look like and put it in a time capsule for someone in the future to uncover and see what you dreamed might someday be possible.


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