December 12th Gingerbread House Day

It is that time of the year when Gingerbread Houses come back into fashion. Something so sweet that you just want to dive into it and have a bite… but they are so cute you just can’t. (Actually for some of us they may be a little too sweet.) Now I don’t know when the tradition of making Gingerbread houses got started but obviously the candy companies were well in place and welcomed the day.


Over the years our Gingerbread Houses have gotten a little more elaborate, some actually bordering on spectacular. A great deal of detail is now being paid attention to as cooks create their winter time delights that bring a sparkle even to the most grumpy elves in the world.


Some fancy themselves a little larger than life. Personally, I believe the one above was designed for President-elect Trump. He can afford it and why not make it greater than anyone else can!


Or if you like, this may be more the Hillary Clinton style where it takes a village to raise a cavity. Can you imagine making this Gingerbread House? I wonder if it’s actually editable. Spend a moment investigating the detail here. Someone had way too much time on their hands!


And last, but not least, if you make something this spectacular why not light it! (Besides the light bulbs add a little extra crunch.) My bet is, they started making this one in April. I wonder if Gingerbread gets stale?

How to celebrate – Make your own Gingerbread creation. Big or small, everyone will enjoy it. Help you kids create their own Gingerbread house. The walls may leans a bit and the piping not be all that pretty but who cares! It’s something they created and made for all to enjoy. Look into any Gingerbread House competitions in your area. It makes for a great holiday outing and certainly will get you in the mood for Christmas!


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