December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Well, why not. It’s National Noodle Ring Day. That means anything with pasta in it, cooked in a Bundt pan, or at least something round. Now I know, isn’t that something we do every time we want some lasagna but all of our other cookware is dirty?  In my house that happens a lot. Never on purpose, but a lot.


And frankly, eating noodles can get very boring, even mac and cheese, so why not dress it up and make it round!?! It doesn’t make it taste any better but it’s so much more fun to look at and everyone at the table has an equal chance of getting their fair share, unless of course your table is square, or rectangle.


And you can make it with a heart in the middle for those special occasions, like trash day or Custer’s Last Stand Day. Okay, so Custer’s last stand wasn’t really round like they draw it in pictures but then, maybe it would have been if they had all be enjoying some pasta together rather than fight for their lives. And think of Lady and the Tramp! How much more fun would that have been if the last strand of spaghetti had been served in a round dish!


And whatever this picture is looks so much better round than it did square, or triangular. It doesn’t look real appetizing as it is but let’s be fair, it probably didn’t look all that much better in any shape it came in!


I am not sure if those are olives in the middle of this dish, or just something moldy. But it does look like it would be fun to eat. The fact is, no matter what shape any dish is cooked in it will probably be either pretty good, or pretty bad. Personally, I think there are better things to cook in a Bundt pan than pasta, but then if there were those who like to experiment there would never be a National Noodle Ring Day to celebrate…

How to celebrate – Get those long rectangular boxes of pasta and break it into pieces so that you can cook it in a Bundt pan. Surprise your friends and neighbors by serving them a Bundt pan noodle dish of your very own! (just remember it must contain some sort of pasta). Spend your day making one huge Spaghetti-O for all to enjoy.


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