December 2nd National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day, a day for you to save a life and make a best friend forever. Created by Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige in 2005 it is celebrated every December 2nd and July 31st.


The thing about most mutts is that you normally end u with the best of every breed the dogs is made up from. But then, treated well, almost any dog is a wonderful, wonderful pet. No, they are a wonderful, wonderful part of the family. It doesn’t really matter if both eyes are the same color or if they have a strange combination of colors, they will love you just the same.


They hug you with their eyes, give kisses and are there for you whenever you need them.To me, and maybe only to me, a mutt is better than a pure bred dog. No offense to those of you who like papered dogs. A mutt is there to be pretty, it isn’t going to win any national championships, it isn’t going to be requested to breed other dogs but it is going to love you, it is going to be your friend and it is, if given a chance, going to be a vital part of your life.

Exhausted dog panting after frolicking outdoor

When I get home my dog is always at the door waiting for me, almost like they can read a clock. She wants to run and play when I’m in a good mood or if I’ve had a bad day, she sits by my side just giving me her time. She is a mutt, she is a rescue and how anybody could have ever given her up… well, I don’t want to know that person. I am quite sure she never gave up on them.

Portrait Of Cute Mixed Breed Puppy

So if you find yourself wanting a new pet, a new friend and someone who always listens… rescue a mutt. Yes they will chew on things they shouldn’t, yes they may chase any other pets you may have, yes they will have accidents in the house… just like a real baby. Most people don’t throw their babies out for mistakes, don’t throw someone who wants to be, needs to be and lives to be… your very best friend in life.

How to celebrate – Get a mutt! If you have a mutt, take them for a walk and remember this is their time, not yours. And give them a hug, they need it just as much as you do.


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