November 21st National Stuffing Day

Today is National Stuffing Day. The day to decide whether you fix your stuffing inside the turkey or outside the turkey.


To make traditional stuffing or something out of a box.


Or follow some recipe that sounds good to you created by a famous chef. Now I understand this is the true meaning of stuffing day but I feel it should be – THREE STAGE STUFFING DAY – instead.


The first being the traditional fixing of the stuffing as first written down in a Roman cookbook, “De Re Coquinaria” in early Italy. But there are two other stuffings that should go along with “Stuffing Day”.



Stage two is stuffing yourself at the Thanksgiving Day table until you are nearly ready to explode. Even if you don’t eat the stuffing you’ll be stuffed, and isn’t that what Thanksgiving Day is all about?



Stage three is all about sitting in front of the television watching football, whether you like football or not, in your OVER-STUFFED chair. Of course, sleep is soon to follow whether the game is exciting or not!

So, I call for the THREE STAGE STUFFING DAY – Stuffing the turkey, stuffing yourself, and relaxing in your over-stuffed chair!

How to celebrate – Get stuffed in any of three ways you choose, or better yet… all three!

November 20th National Absurdity Day

When you stop and think about all the things that surround us in life that are absolutely absurd it’s a wonder we are able to function at all. Of course, most of it is because of our own doing but that doesn’t make it any better. For example, we buy cars that can go 120 miles an hour. Not that we can drive them that fast anywhere but to some, it’s a really important reason for buying a car. Or, why do we need double stuff Oreo’s?  Sure they taste good but do we really want to get fatter by eating twice the most fattening part?



And it was only a little over a hundred years ago that cocaine was thought to be a wonder drug. It was a pain killer, a hair grower, and great for children and adults alike. That was, of course, until we found out that it kills!


Oh, you can make up all sorts of stuff and maybe even make yourself believe it, but it’s still absurd. Sort of like riding a bike on water.


We justify all sorts of absurd things but today, it’s okay. Today you can enjoy Impressionistic Art, jokes you don’t understand, and escargot.

How to celebrate – Think up as many absurd things that go on around you daily and write them down. Try walking backwards all day, see if anybody notices. Sing everything you have to say instead of saying it.

November 19th National Play Monopoly Day

Believe it or not, Parker Brothers had the general idea of the Monopoly game in 1883. They actually published the idea but did not develop the game until Elizabeth Magie came up with the final version in 1902. Since 1935, when the game actually hit the market place it is estimated that some 5 million people have played the game (I think that figure may be a little low).


We are talking about building a fortune here! Something everyone would like to do in real life but rarely can do (unless you are Donald Trump). But if you think about it, it makes sense since when the Brothers began developing the game the entire country was all about building. The strategy seems to be to own Park Place and Boardwalk and all the railroads… just like in real life (though the railroads don’t really apply anymore).


And apparently the idea has taken off to other countries as well. I think this board is Russian, who I believe have been trying to take over the world since time began! Though it might not be Russian but I find it interesting that while the title is another language the squares are all in English.


And since it is educational, (I say that with the wink of an eye), the Brothers have developed a child’s version. And why not, let’s teach children the idea of greed and ruling the world! But it does have some valuable lessons to learn. Waiting to make the right buys, trading, and spending wisely, and math.


And if ruling the country isn’t enough for you, you can try and win the Empire version! Or you can try to win with versions such as the Wizard of Oz, Steampunk Monopoly, or even,  Communist Monopoly.

How to celebrate – Start a Monopoly game, it might not end for a week! Design your own special Monopoly game. Start building your own real monopoly, though the government will probably try to stop you at some point.

November 18th Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

One of America’s most beloved animated characters is Disney’s Mickey Mouse – though he did not start out that way.


Mickey started out as Oswald the Rabbit in 1927, created by the Disney Brothers for Universal Studios. His life was short lived and so was the the Brothers’ activities with Universal. Back on their own, the Brothers created Mortimer Mouse which also had 2 animated shorts before Walt’s wife suggested maybe the name Mickey would be better. November 18th, 1928 Mickey Mouse was born and he has never looked back since.

Mickey’s first animated short with a voice was “Karnival Kid”, though he had previously appeared in “Steamboat Willie” and his first script was “Plane Crazy”. In 1935, Fred Moore made Mickey a little more lovable and movable as Mickey took on a new look after he had gone nationwide in 1930.


The original Mickey looked surprisingly a lot like Oswald the Rabbit! His first fan club outside of California was in Salem, Oregon where he help serve as a fundraiser to the Salvation Army. He first appeared in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1934.


Joined by his friends Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, Mickey sort of joined a vaudeville act and became the character we all know, and sort of love, these days. Later on, the Mickey Mouse club was formed.

How to celebrate – Go visit Mickey!  Join the Mickey Mouse club. See if you can create your own Mickey type characters and perhaps start your own empire.

November 17th National Take A Hike Day

There aren’t to many things an entire family, including their dog, can do these days together. One option available now, the same as it was a hundred years ago, is go hiking. Of course the reasons have changed a lot and some of the settings have changed a little, but in the end it’s nearly the same (yes the photo above is of the Swiss Alps but there are many places in America that look nearly the same).


There are some 60,000 miles of trails in the National Trail System across all 50 states. There are many, many more that are not a part of the National Trail System, such as state, county, and local trails also waiting to be explored. For those of you that love nature, what else is there so beautiful? For those that love history you can imagine yourself walking along some of the same paths as many of our forefathers walked. For those who just want to find something different to do with your family, friends, and neighbors, it is a constantly changing landscape to be enjoyed by everyone.


Camping on some of the trails is a fun option for the entire family. Cooking hot dogs over an open fire (done safely), talking instead of watching television or playing on the computer, getting to know each other once again… or maybe for the first time. And here’s a bonus… you can burn 400-500 calories an hour.


Now is the perfect time of year to go hiking as well. It’s cooler, the leaves are changing colors and skies are generally clearer. The weather makes everyone feel more energetic and walking for some distance is not as taxing. In other words, if you are going to do it, do it now!


You might even find it to be a new and healthy hobby you can participate in. Your kids will love it, you dog will love it, so why not give it a try.

How to celebrate – Look for trails locally you can travel down. Make a day of it and pack a lunch. Make sure to put anything you think might need in a backpack – bandages, extra socks, first aid kit, and tools you may require. Most of all, take water! Lots and lots of water! See how many of the 60,000 trails of the National Trail System you can travel yourself. Start a hiking club with your friends and family. You really should never go by yourself.

November 16th National Fast Food Day

Well, it’s food, and it’s fast, and it tastes good (normally)… so it’s bad for you, got to give a little, take a little. It’s not the quality of the food that often tastes good. It’s the salt and other seasoning but it does fill you up…and out.


All of these restaurants owe their beginnings to Walter Anderson who opened the first official “Fast Food” restaurant in 1916.  It survived until after World War 1 when he joined forces with Billy Ingram and they formed White Castle in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. It stayed in business but was not widely known until the automobile became a way of life in the 1950’s. People would get out just to go for a ride and see the country. Fast food restaurants were a fast, easy way to feed the need for a moving population. In fact, Merriam-Webster dictionary recognized the the term “fast food” and put it in their publications.


Today America is covered with fast food restaurants, it’s hard to drive down a city block and not find several all tempting you to come in for a quick bite. It’s not just America that has fallen to the charm though, American fast food restaurants are doing business in over 100 countries around the world.


And all those secret recipes, that end up being something common, entice us to keep eating, and eating, and eating. Sure they add a little a little lettuce and tomato to make us think we are eating healthy but we all know better. The first Happy Meal appeared in June of 1979 and soon enough, everyone was following suit. Kids could get a fast meal with a toy! What else did they need!?!


Well, whether you go through a drive through, eat in or sit on the curb if you get your food from a fast food restaurant it’s all pretty much the same. On occasion a fast food meal really isn’t all that bad for you, just don’t make it a regular part of your diet. Splurging every once in  while is fine.

How to celebrate – Today is your day to splurge! Have some fast food. You got your choice these days of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try a fast food restaurant you have never tried before. Search out the healthiest fast food restaurant you can find.

November 15th Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

If you have ever lost something and not been able to find it anywhere, look in the refrigerator. I have known people, not me of course, that have put their car keys, phone, and even their shoes in the refrigerator.


And while you are clearing it out of things you swore you would eat sometime, but never got around to, clean it! With all that rotted food you will create germs, perhaps even inventing new ones! I do not drink beer, just never developed the taste for it, but I kept some in the house for friends that do. There was one bottle that literally was in the refrigerator for 9 years! Clearly no one wanted to drink it! In fact, no one even wanted to touch it!


Even if it is neat and tidy, you still need to clean it. There are probably old bottles of condiments and pickles with mold growing on top of them. And all those doggie bags of food you bring home that you did not finish at the restaurant need to go too! Just assume that anything that has been there for the last two years is no longer any good. Obviously if you didn’t want it in the first couple of days, you don’t want it ten years later.


If you find your cat looking for a snack inside the refrigerator you know its time to clean it. Don’t just close the door on the cat, no matter how tempting it is. Left over cat is not all that tasty. And if the cat gets in there it’s because they can smell something they want, or want to kill. That’s a pretty clear indication that there is something in there that has gone bad.


And think how proud you will be when your refrigerator is clean! You may even want to leave the doors open so that you can show your friends! Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day was created by the good people at Whirlpool Home Appliances in 1999. I guess they are saying the equipment will work better if you do.

How to celebrate – Clean out your refrigerator today! Clean out you neighbor’s refrigerator today! If you are looking for something that has been missing for a long time, look in your refrigerator, it just might be there.