November 30th Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

Today is your day. It’s a day to do what you want, when you want to do it and with whomever you want to do it with, It’s STAY HOME BECAUSE YOU’RE WELL DAY. I mean, we stay home because we are sick. We aren’t productive when we are sick and there is the chance of passing on whatever you have to someone else at work. But what fun is that! Why not stay home and enjoy yourself for a change! Maybe read a book or better yet, start writing one!


Or maybe you can catch up on a little sleep! We never get enough sleep. Even when we plan to go to bed early something always comes up to prevent us getting there so why not spend the day sleeping away the hours. It’s better than sleeping at your desk or a lot better if you happen to be a pilot and trying to catch up on your sleep while at work.


You could go for a walk, take your children with you. It’s great to spend time with the family out in nature. When your weekend comes up, even if it’s not really the weekend, you have so much to get caught up on… grocery shopping, dry cleaning, getting the car worked on, etc. When you take off a perfectly good work day you can actually waste it on yourself!


Listen to a little music! Maybe there is  new band since the Rolling Stones! Maybe Lawrence Welk is still performing! Who knows!?! It’s been so long since you could actually sit down and analyze a song. Maybe there is some new lesson to be learned from some one so much younger than you that things everything in the world is just fine… or even worse, not fine!


Or finally maybe just take a long relaxing bath. You know, I never really understood the point of taking a bath. You are dirty so you want to get clean, so you sit in a tub of hot water and bath.. in all that dirt that has no place to escape.  So maybe take a shower first before getting into the bath!

Anyway, whatever you want to do is okay with Thomas and Ruth Roy who created Stay Home Because You’re Well Day. They are involved with “Wellcat Holidays”.

How to celebrate – Take a day off from everything and just celebrate yourself! Find a way to put all the worries and possibilities out of your head. Become one with the universe.

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