November 27th National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

When it comes time for dessert, I don’t know hardly anyone who turns down a slice of Bavarian Cream Pie. Chocolate, in most cases, whipped cream,  Bavarian cream (creme) and a cake like substance so that it’s almost like having a piece of pie and a piece of cake at the same time. It’s rarely heavy, always moist and delicious.


It goes with nearly any holiday and can be made to include fruit either on top of the pie, or inside the cream filling. Since I like nearly anything with raspberry in it, here’s a recipe for a raspberry Bavarian cream pie. But you can use strawberries, blue berries, or any fruit you like. Oh, and the whipped cream is optional but I would add it, what doesn’t taste better with whipped cream on it!?!


Or you can get fancy with shaved chocolate, that’s probably the way the French would serve it. But isn’t Bavaria in Germany? Oh well, guess it doesn’t really matter, the French always seem to make everything better. In fact it was a French chef, Marie Antione, who is credited with first coming up with Bavarian Cream Pie in the early 19th century. It’s called Creme Bavaroise in France.

How to celebrate – Well, naturally, have a piece of Bavarian Cream Pie in whatever fashion you choose. Try adding something to your recipe and come up with something different of your own! Travel to Bavaria, but stop in France on the way so you can get some Bavarian Cream Pie!

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