November 21 2016 World Television Day

It’s World Television Day! If you subscribed to our November Holiday Boxes, it’s time to pull out that Tin TV Lunchbox or Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock Salt & Pepper Shakers and celebrate with us!

Read on for more about the day…

The television has revolutionized the world and helped shape public opinion since the 1950’s. The first working television was developed by John Logie Baird, a Scotsman who finalized the work of many others trying to make television work in the 1920’s. After World War 2, when all sorts of luxuries began to come on the scene, Americans and Brits were the first to enjoy the new media outlet. It changed the face, literally, of politics and let people see who they were electing instead of just hearing their voice. By the 1960’s, television came in color and since then the improvements have come fast and furious. November 21st was chosen by the UN in 1996.

Suggested ways to celebrate: Watch your favorite television show. Investigate the latest improvements to television. Get your own local access tv show!

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