November 20th National Absurdity Day

When you stop and think about all the things that surround us in life that are absolutely absurd it’s a wonder we are able to function at all. Of course, most of it is because of our own doing but that doesn’t make it any better. For example, we buy cars that can go 120 miles an hour. Not that we can drive them that fast anywhere but to some, it’s a really important reason for buying a car. Or, why do we need double stuff Oreo’s?  Sure they taste good but do we really want to get fatter by eating twice the most fattening part?



And it was only a little over a hundred years ago that cocaine was thought to be a wonder drug. It was a pain killer, a hair grower, and great for children and adults alike. That was, of course, until we found out that it kills!


Oh, you can make up all sorts of stuff and maybe even make yourself believe it, but it’s still absurd. Sort of like riding a bike on water.


We justify all sorts of absurd things but today, it’s okay. Today you can enjoy Impressionistic Art, jokes you don’t understand, and escargot.

How to celebrate – Think up as many absurd things that go on around you daily and write them down. Try walking backwards all day, see if anybody notices. Sing everything you have to say instead of saying it.

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