November 19th National Play Monopoly Day

Believe it or not, Parker Brothers had the general idea of the Monopoly game in 1883. They actually published the idea but did not develop the game until Elizabeth Magie came up with the final version in 1902. Since 1935, when the game actually hit the market place it is estimated that some 5 million people have played the game (I think that figure may be a little low).


We are talking about building a fortune here! Something everyone would like to do in real life but rarely can do (unless you are Donald Trump). But if you think about it, it makes sense since when the Brothers began developing the game the entire country was all about building. The strategy seems to be to own Park Place and Boardwalk and all the railroads… just like in real life (though the railroads don’t really apply anymore).


And apparently the idea has taken off to other countries as well. I think this board is Russian, who I believe have been trying to take over the world since time began! Though it might not be Russian but I find it interesting that while the title is another language the squares are all in English.


And since it is educational, (I say that with the wink of an eye), the Brothers have developed a child’s version. And why not, let’s teach children the idea of greed and ruling the world! But it does have some valuable lessons to learn. Waiting to make the right buys, trading, and spending wisely, and math.


And if ruling the country isn’t enough for you, you can try and win the Empire version! Or you can try to win with versions such as the Wizard of Oz, Steampunk Monopoly, or even,  Communist Monopoly.

How to celebrate – Start a Monopoly game, it might not end for a week! Design your own special Monopoly game. Start building your own real monopoly, though the government will probably try to stop you at some point.

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