November 18th Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

One of America’s most beloved animated characters is Disney’s Mickey Mouse – though he did not start out that way.


Mickey started out as Oswald the Rabbit in 1927, created by the Disney Brothers for Universal Studios. His life was short lived and so was the the Brothers’ activities with Universal. Back on their own, the Brothers created Mortimer Mouse which also had 2 animated shorts before Walt’s wife suggested maybe the name Mickey would be better. November 18th, 1928 Mickey Mouse was born and he has never looked back since.

Mickey’s first animated short with a voice was “Karnival Kid”, though he had previously appeared in “Steamboat Willie” and his first script was “Plane Crazy”. In 1935, Fred Moore made Mickey a little more lovable and movable as Mickey took on a new look after he had gone nationwide in 1930.


The original Mickey looked surprisingly a lot like Oswald the Rabbit! His first fan club outside of California was in Salem, Oregon where he help serve as a fundraiser to the Salvation Army. He first appeared in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1934.


Joined by his friends Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, Mickey sort of joined a vaudeville act and became the character we all know, and sort of love, these days. Later on, the Mickey Mouse club was formed.

How to celebrate – Go visit Mickey!  Join the Mickey Mouse club. See if you can create your own Mickey type characters and perhaps start your own empire.

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