November 7 2016 International Merlot Day

It’s International Merlot Day! If you subscribed to our November Holiday Box, pull out that Seahorse Bottle Stopper and celebrate with a little bubbly.



Read more about the day…

Merlot is a dark blue grape that is famed for its softness and fleshiness and preferred by many as their choice of wine. Though there are many more highly sought-after types of wine made in France Merlot makes up 62% of all vines in Bordeaux. It is first mentioned in 1784 as a choice of wine, though it probably existed long before that date. Christian Moueix, a wine expert, states…”Merlot is a friendly and delicate varietal which, on proper terriors and harvested at its peak, produces wines characterized by voluptuous, generosity and distinction.” Ah… whatever.

Suggested ways to celebrate: Enjoy a glass of Merlot, or a whole bottle if you prefer. Become a wine expert like Christian Moueix so you can understand what connoisseurs are talking about. Find a nice bottle of Ripple and enjoy your evening.


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