November 6, 2016 National Saxophone Day

Ok, all you Unboxers – if you subscribed to our November Holiday Box, today is the first holiday of the month that we are celebrating. So pull out your Gold Saxophone Ornament and celebrate with us. Read on for more about the day…


The workhorse of the jazz field the saxophone was invented in the 1840’s by Adophe Sax in Britain. He created 14 variations for the music industry to put to use. The sopranino, soprano, sopranusimo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, contrabass, subcontrabass, C soprano, mezzo-soprano, C melody, Tubax, and the rare F saxophone. It is a woodwind – a single reed aerophone. The original patent ran out in 1866 and dozens of companies started manufacturing the musical instrument. The saxophone is used in nearly every music category.

Suggested ways to celebrate: Listen to a CD featuring the saxophone. Rent a saxophone and try to learn how to play it yourself. List your favorite saxophonists.


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