October 25th Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day

With Halloween coming up soon you would sort of expect a day like this to come along. There is really very little less creepy than a doll that doesn’t look just right. The older they are, the more demented they look. Whether it’s because of age or just the way they made them back then is hard to say.


Dolls are kind of like clowns, you either love them or hate them but if you hate them, they will seem evil. They have become a popular target for movies and books helping them to seem even more evil than they might have been before.


Still, if you have ever visited a museum that has dolls, take a closer look at them. They seem to have a life of their own. The dolls of today are cute and normally made of plastic, but the dolls of yester-year, made out of porcelain, always make you look at them twice. It seems to have something to do with the eyes. They look real, like maybe there is truly someone trapped inside the doll.


And when the paint, and porcelain itself, cracks, the most lovable dolls begin to look haunted. It may also have something to do with the smile on their faces. It looks like they are up to something that maybe you don’t want to know about. If they have been repaired they may be even worse.


And then there are those that actually believe these dolls are evil. I have to ask the obvious question, if a doll bothers you that much why do you keep it? Of course then you’d have to figure out why the bad guys always have to explain what they are doing before they do it giving the good guys time to figure out how to counter it. Or why when you hear a really strange sound do you feel motivated to go see what made it? Or if you are running from something, why go upstairs where you truly have no escape?

How to celebrate – Enjoy Halloween and eats lots of candy forgetting about evil dolls. If you prefer, watch Chucky (but don’t take it too seriously). Go check out a doll collection and see if you find any that could be “haunted”.

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