October 20th Brandied Fruit Day

Brandy has existed since sometime in the 12th century. Fruit has been around since… well, forever. It’s only natural that the two should get together. Of course, you need to add a little sugar but then you really can add that to practically anything.


It’s generally used as a topping for pies or ice cream. (Again adding even more sugar to the recipe) The pie, or ice cream, compliment the flavor of the brandied fruit. You can use any type of fruit since brandy is actually made from distilled fermented fruit. Blackberries, raspberries, cherries are among the favorites but you can use peaches or apples or oranges, though I would not suggest prunes but if you want to, why not!


Though not as traditional as the whiskey soaked fruitcake brandied fruit can be used either in your recipe for fruit cake or to make a cake out of it yourself. After all, the idea is to get the booze into your diet! I remember a story of a man who served a fruit cake every year which no one ever ate. He would break it out the next year adding more whiskey to it to “freshen” it up. Well, after a number of years guests, probably feeling sorry for him, ate the fruitcake. Everyone went home totally snockered!


Brandied fruit is also used to decorate cookies and add a certain zest to traditional Christmas treats. Here we see red and green cherries as well as pineapple. If you crush them in a glass of milk you will have finally found a way to corrupt a wholesome drink.


It truly is a treat though, of course you have to like brandy.  Here’s a recipe for you to get started with.

How to celebrate – Try some brandied fruit for yourself. Make up your own dessert using brandied fruit. Try making some brandied vegetables!

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