October 2nd Name Your Car Day

If you had a car like the one above, what would you name it. I mean, I know it has a real name but this is your baby, yours to call what you want. Maybe… “Red”, no too obvious. How about “Baby”! No, very few women would call their car “Baby”.  Well, what would you name it if you owned it?

Family in a trunk of a car Citroen C5

Or maybe your dream car is a family car! Oh come now, I seriously doubt that! But let’s pretend it is. Would you name it “Daddy”or “Mommy”? How about “Pal” since it takes you and the kids where ever you want to go.


Maybe your car is truly a “Lemon”. That’s okay, a lot of them are. Lemon is really good on fish and some chicken dishes. The Greek use a lot of lemon in their dishes so maybe your car reminds you of “Chicken Limone”.vintage-ruxton

And maybe your idea of a car is a classic. Perhaps “Maurice” or maybe “Eleanor”. I can see getting in a car and saying, “Take me home, Maurice!”


Meanwhile, back in the real world. What if you drove a car like this? “Sticky”, “Homer”…”Eye Sore”. If you drive this car, one thing’s for sure, you will get noticed (I am not sure that is a good thing).


Now if you drive this you’ll definitely get noticed (but in this case it’s good). It’s a dream car, so you gotta give it a dream name. “Hercules”…”Atlas!”…or “Wonder Woman”. Doesn’t really matter what you call it if you drive this car!


And then there’s “Mac”. Not the good Mac like in Mac and Cheese. Just, “Mac”. There are some advantages to driving a car like this. People will probably leave money for you. No one is going to tailgate you. You’ll never have a wife, or husband, unless it’s your second cousin.


Then there’s this beauty! Actually, it’s what I drive and I call it, “Home Away From Home”. It may not be fancy or fast, it may not be luxurious, but it’s mine, and I like it. I hope you like your car, give it a kid name. It may not be all you thought it might be, it may have it’s issues, but it’s yours. If you treat it right, it will treat you right.

How to celebrate – Be nice to your car, give it a good name. Treat it like you would a family member, maybe even a little better. Give it a name you’ll both be proud of.


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