September 25th One Hit Wonders Day

A Gold Record equals 500,000 sales. This is what most musical artists wish for. Just once in their lifetime. Well, there are hundreds of artists that reach that milestone level, but they only do it once, in many cases never to be heard from again.

The Proclaimers did it with “I’m Gonna Be“.

Now that doesn’t mean the artist(s) don’t ever release another record, it just means they have only had one that hit a national or international level, selling enough to be considered a hit.

Like Dee-Lite with “Groove Is In The Heart

Which is sometimes a very good thing! Just like a movie, they can have one song that appeals to many but never have another one. This happened a lot in disco when artists found a groove but couldn’t make it last for more than 3 or 4 minutes.

The Baha Men were famous for their “Who Let The Dogs Out” but never came up with another success.

Well I don’t know who let the dogs out, and I really don’t care, but the Baha Men did!  It made them and the record label a fortune, for one hit.

Snow had “Informer” as their one and only hit.

Of course most bands, and single performers, would love to have that one hit. Some can make it last a lifetime, playing the song over-and-over, at concerts and events.

Right Said Fred only had one hit, “I’m Too Sexy

Apparently they weren’t sexy enough to launch another hit. There are many artists that should never have had that hit to start with. I’m sure you will agree after listening to a few of these.

Nena had a hit called, “99 Luftballons“.

Maybe it would have been better if they had actually released 99 red balloons!

All it takes, in many cases though, is one hit to land a position in Las Vegas headlining a show. As long as that one song remains popular, the artist is in!

Delys Midnight Runners had a hit with, “Come On Eileen” that they drove to the bank and still make a decent living off of royalties.

It can be very depressing to a writer who creates beautiful music and has a goofball song become a hit when their other material never takes off. They are caught having to perform a song they really don’t like over-and-over, but at least it keeps them working.

Chesney Hawke hit it big once with, “The One And Only“.

Hits can be launched by record companies, in movies, or television shows, and even in commercials. And sometimes they take older songs that were already hits and make them hits again.

Like Taco did with, “Puttin’ On The Ritz“.

The real test is, can an artist reach a million sales, and win the “Platnium Record”!?!


The most cherished record on the face of the earth!

The last of my one hit wonders is New Radicals with “You Get What You Give“. These are rated as the top ten One Hit Wonders. There are many, many more.

How to celebrate – Look for a list on YouTube and make your own top ten One Hit Wonders. See how many one hit wonders you actually have heard of before. Check and see if these one hit wonders are still around.

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