September 24th Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

So you thought Thanksgiving only came once a year, not true! It isn’t only celebrated by America either! But in this case, it’s sort of another American Thanksgiving.

In the 1700’s a group of Protestants broke away from the many churches in Germany to form their own sect. It followed the teachings of theologian Caspar Schwenkfelder somewhere in the Reformation era.


Finding resistance to their beliefs, as so many did, the first faction moved to Pennsylvania in 1733, the second, and final one, in 1734. They mixed with the Dutch and thrived on giving their allegiance to the King of England. Finally finding a place where they could celebrate their faith as they chose, they set September 24th aside for a day of thanksgiving.


You probably have to live in the Pennsylvania Dutch area to have ever heard of them or possibly Germany, where they originally organized. They are apparently trying to spread the word, at least in their area. As the Mormons have done, they have their own facility where they tell their history, and the history of their followers.


Though I have to admit, I cannot speak to highly of their outfits from my research.


How to celebrate – If you want another thaksgiving put on your calendar, try Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving! Spend a little time in Dutch Country, Pennsylvania and learn who they are for yourself. You can actually create your own Thaksgiving Day. In all honesty, every day is a day to be thankful for.

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