September 19th Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy! It’s fun to talk like a pirate. Just ask John Baur and Mark Summers who started Talk Like A Pirate Day in Louisiana in 1995 at Ol’ Chumbucket and Capt.’ Slappy’s. Since then, it seems like everyone’s doing it, but you want to pay close attention to Krispy Kreme and Long John Silver’s,  because you can get free food for just talking like a pirate when you stop in. What is talking like a pirate like? Well, I’ve picked out a few terms to help you get your free stuff but I’m not going to tell you exactly what they mean. That’s up to you, you “bilge rats”!


“Aaaaarrrrgh”! The sooner we be startin’ the sooner you can get your “Booty” you “landlubber”! We’ll be startin’ at the “bow” and walkin’ the “gang plank” to the “hold”. “Avast”, don’t be scrappin’ the “keel” if you man the “helm” or ye will end up in the “crowsnest” shoutin’ “land ho” from the “rigging”. When you spend time on the “poop deck” near the “stern” don’t count ye “bounty” or “pieces of eight” We watch for the “Jolly Roger” and run from the “Yellow Jack” you “rutters” so follow the “Boatswain” for he be one of the “Scourges of the seven seas”. He’ll not have any “Rapscallions” or “Scallywags” nor a “knave” but he may approve of a “strumpet” or two. As a “Brethren of the coast” ye will be expected to keep “dead reckoning” and always know the “fathom” least ye might “Dance the hempen jig” instead of getting your “cackle fruit” in the morn’.


Okay, I’m exhausted.  It may be fun to talk like a pirate but it’s not as easy as it sounds! You can probably just walk in and say Ahoy Matey and get something free somewhere. Though you might get a glare or two from any nearby “Jack Tar”.

How to celebrate – Go get a free Krispy Kreme donut ! Go get a free fish finger! Try speaking pirate all day, I’m sure you will make many new friends, and a few enemies, along the way.


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