September 16 National Play-doh Day

Who hasn’t played with Play-doh? Who hasn’t eaten a bit of it just to see what it tasted like? Well I haven’t but I know a lot of kids that did! Particularly after they added scents to it and made it in more colors.  There are actually artists that deal in the play-doh medium perhaps a bit more than they would like to admit!


But frankly, they are pretty good! Play-doh was invented back in the 1950’s by Joe McVicker who was hoping to provide the world with a wall paper cleaner.He failed to make a cleaner but soon found out the substance he had created was great for kids who had been struggling with modeling clay before his outrageous idea.Take his wall paper cleaning failure and give it to children to play with.  He showcased it in 1955 and no one ever looked back. By 1956 his new company was making new colors to keep children interested.


As the company expanded it began adding glitter and new scents to the formula keeping it popular and fun. Even adults enjoy mushing the soft substance in their fingers and making some work of art out of it.


It is estimated that over the years some 700 million pounds of Play-doh have reached the waiting hands of children across the world. Who knows what the future will bring but we are almost sure it will still have play-doh in it.


How to celebrate – Buy some lay-doh, tell them it’s for the kids even if it isn’t. Create a masterpiece of your own and share it with the world. Buy your kids some play-doh and help them create a world of their own.


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