September 13th National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

There are numerous dangers we all face everyday. Driving down the highway, flying, eating at a diner…but perhaps none more dangerous than turning your kitchen over to your children. There is no telling what they might do, what they might come up with or what you might be forced to taste out of your deep love for your children.


Then again, you might be pleasantly surprised.  Cooking has become a recognized art of its own these days. Children are learning younger and younger what foods generally go together and their inquisitive minds seem to allow them to create concoctions that are palatable if not actually good. Oh sure, maybe there will be a little too much jelly or way too much peanut butter, but maybe they will experiment by adding potato chips or jelly beans or even… bananas!


Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day was created by the YCA, Young Chefs Academy, to empower kids and teens to become more actively involved in the planning, preparations and cooking of meals.


Of course, proper supervision is suggested in any activity children are involved with. Where knives and fire are concerned something might otherwise get cut or burnt that is not intended to be a part of your meal.  But give the kids a chance, they might come up with something good!


How to celebrate – Sit down and help your child plan a meal. Take your child to the grocery store and let them, help them, pick out the ingredients they will need. Plan to get the entire family around the table to enjoy the final product.  It will give you child the reward they need to move on and it creates a great family moment.

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