August 12th National Middle Child Day

We all know that when there are three or more children in a family there is the first born, the last born and all those in the middle. The oldest child is the one most pampered. All first time parents are so afraid they will do something wrong they dote over the child making sure they suffer nothing. By the time the parents get to the third, or last, child they have learned a thing or two and pretty much anything goes. The child, or children, in the middle get caught somewhere in between.


The birth order supposedly contributes to the 5 personality traits known to man – extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openess.  The oldest child tends to be a leader while the youngest will always be the baby. The middle child, once again being caught in the middle, has to fend for themselves and generally tends to be the most artistic and creative. Probably because they have had to learn to entertain themselves.


National Middle Child Day was created by Elizabeth Walker in the 1980’s. It was supposed to be the 2nd Saturday of August but somehow got placed on August 12th and has remained there ever since. She created the day to honor her middle son so that he could have special day of his own. It’s about time!  I’m a middle child and I really need a day for myself! Or else…


… I could get very, very creative!


How to celebrate – If you have a middle child, let them know they are “special”. If you don’t have a middle child you might want to think about creating one! Tell your middle child that the oldest is really adopted, making them the oldest.


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