August 4th Coast Guard Day

Probably the most underestimated military force in U.S. history is the U.S. Coast Guard. And yet they are always there when we need them, always defending us, and always protecting our shores. Established on August 4th, 1790 by then Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, the Coast Guard was originally a part of the Revenue Marine Service. They were charged with enforcement of the first tariff laws of the new country.


Under Woodrow Wilson (Jan. 28th, 1915) the Revenue Service and Life Saving Service were all folded into the U.S. Coast Guard. In addition to the tariff enforcement, first line of defense and life saving services, the Coast Guard was also given charge of all lighthouses and their operations in America.


They serve more-or-less as the policemen of our coastline and waterways. They operated the landcraft during World War 2 and continued with the Korean War and even in Viet Nam. Of course they are best known for saving lives that otherwise would surely be lost at sea.


In recent years they were placed under the department of transportation until 2003 when they finally found a home with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Their home base is in Grand Haven, Michigan -“Coast Guard City, USA”

How to celebrate – Thank one of these real life heroes when you get a chance, you never know when they might become your very best friend. Read up on this little known unit of our national security. Visit Grand Haven, Michigan.


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