July 12th National Different Colored Eyes Day

A lot of us have something different about us that separates us from other people. You might have an extra toe, or even an extra finger, certain moles and beauty marks… but one that hardly ever goes unnoticed is Heterochromia, or having two different colored eyes. The person may get one color eye gene from their mother and an entirely different colored eye gene from their father since most Heterochromia is passed on through recessive genes, though not always.


This can also be caused by disease or injury and there’s partial Heterochromia where only part of the eye is differently colored – just the inner rim of the eye is a different color. Every living creature is subject to this unique trait.unnamed

There are a few celebrities that have Heterochromia:


Dan Aykroyd


Christopher Walken


Jane Seymour and…



Mila Kunis

Heterochromes are normally able to see perfectly well but if you aren’t careful  they may catch you looking them in the eye a little too long.


How to celebrate – See if you can find any Heterochromia people you know (a lot of the time this can be covered up by colored contacts). Look for animals that have Heterochromia. Find out if any of you family has had Heterochromia before.


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