July 5th Graham Cracker Day

In the early 1800’s Reverend Sylvester Graham decided his Presbyterian congregation needed a healthy snack so he invented the Graham Cracker.


His treat was made from whole wheat and could be served with practically anything or enjoyed by themselves. Things have changed a bit since Reverend Graham’s time. Today these crackers are generally made from bleached white flour and served in either honey, chocolate, or cinnamon flavors.


We even cut them into fun shapes so we can have more fun eating them.

Sometimes we get really artistic in an effort to make a treat have more meaning, such as this graham cracker airplane.


When the girl scouts got hold of the graham cracker, they added chocolate and marshmallow, and created S’mores.


Even more creative is what you can do with them at Christmas! Like making “graham cracker” houses and villages.


And of course they make a wonderful pie crust!


All this from such a simple invention, and a healthy too if you eat them as originally intended.

How to celebrate: Build a fire and make some S’mores. Fix you kids a light summer treat of graham crackers with fruit. Enjoy a few graham crackers instead of cookies, they are better for you.



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