July 1st National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Tired of the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry rut? Well, here are a few flavors I’d bet you haven’t tried, and if you have, my hats off to you. The featured photo is made of blackberries and goats cheese.


Or how about this firewood and honey treat? Straight from Alaska.


And this tasty ice cream is black sesame seed with ginger ice cream from South Carolina.


I’m not sure why anyone wants horseradish ice cream unless you really have a bad cold but apparently they like it in New York.


This Michigan dish sounds pretty good though, it’s Caramel Corn.


And if you like lobster, this bowl of ice cream is filled with it, the cream designed to taste like butter. It comes to us from where else??? Maine.

There’s Champagne and Violette from Louisiana.


And Kansas gives us this pineapple cilantro combination.


This is lavender and honey from Illinois.


Pistachio Pineapple from Virginia sounds pretty good to me.


This white chocolate habanero chile pepper combo is from New Hampshire.


This one is cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper from Idaho.


This avocado and honey from Nebraska would temp me.


On the other hand this coconut curry from North Carolina sounds good but spicy.


This Pennsylvania  dish of sweet potato and walnut sounds pretty good.


This Kentucky treat is made from dark chocolate Cayenne.


Arizona offers sweet corn ice cream.


Last but not least is this Minnesota flavor of cardamom black pepper.

How to celebrate: Try some unusual ice cream in your area. Make up your own unusual ice cream. Travel the US and sample all these delicious flavors for yourself.


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