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June 20th American Eagle Day

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This day was established to raise awareness of this majestic bird. Eagles are in the “Accipitridae” family and come in many varieties around the world. 60 species are in Eurasia and Asia. In the rest of the world there are 14 varieties of the Eagle, 2 in America, 9 in Central and South America, and 3 in Australia.

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Perhaps the most famous is the Bald Eagle in America which became our national symbol. Thankfully Ben Franklin’s turkey did not win or else we’d all be known as a bunch of turkeys here in the US – LOL! The Eagle is a bird of prey, meaning it hunts, in some cases animals larger than themselves. It has very keen eyesight and nests in tall trees or on cliffs (Eyries).


The smallest eagles are called boot eagles, 10 pounds and under, living mainly in Asia. The largest are the Philippine Eagles with a wing span that covers over 7 feet.The Eagle has talons that can cut like razors and shred any victim, but its main weapon is its hook like bill, capable of crushing bones.


Suggested ways to celebrate: Watch a documentary on Eagles, Climb a tree and look around like an eagle (first make sure the neighbors aren’t watching), Close your eyes and imagine you are soaring over the land like an eagle.

June 19th Father’s Day

Father’s Day, in some places better known as St. Joseph’s Day, was first thought of in the US by Grace Golden Clayton in December 1907 when she brought the idea up to her pastor.  Mother’s Day was already being celebrated and only seemed fair that there should be a day for Father’s as well. Fairmont, West Virginia celebrated the day on July 5th, 1908 with Grace and her church celebrating a “Day for Father”. It didn’t go over too well, it seems it conflicted with the celebration on July 4th, our Country’s birthday.

So Father’s Day disappeared for a while.  Sonora Smart Dodd brought the idea up again, placing the date on June 19th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. It fared a little better but still did not take off until she brought in back in the 1930’s. Maybe it had something to do with the depression and people needing a reason to celebrate, or maybe it was because so many fathers were disappearing because they coud not deal with the pressures of having to take care of a family when they had no way to do it. It made those fathers that stuck it out seem all that much more valuable. Still, Congress refused to allow the holiday as a national celebration.

Then finally, in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed Father’s Day as a national holiday to be celebrated by the entire country to honor their fathers.

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Now I know fathers can be good, or bad, or even non-existant. I can only speak about my own father. My father has been an inspiration to me. He always seems to know the right thing to do, the right things to say and what is important. He is always there when I need him.  Whether I agreed with his opinion or not growing up, I felt the need to respect what he said. I have learned a lot of very valuable things from him.. it wasn’t math or science, reading or writing… it was about showing up, about standing up for people that could not stand up for themselves, and it was about listening.


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A father doesn’t always say things but they nearly always do something. He doesn’t have to be a carpenter to build you a tree house. He doesn’t have to be a teacher to educate you. He just has to be there. Here’s to all the fathers that show up. Happy Father’s Day!

How to celebrate: Just spend some time with your dad. Buy him a gift that means something, not that just satisfies your need to give something. Take an interest in what your father does, even if it isn’t something you understand, after all, he’s done that for you all your lifetime.

June 18th National Splurge Day

It seems so appropriate that this year the day before Father’s Day is National Splurge Day. Splurge on your dad, he deserves it, doesn’t he?  I wonder if that’s what Adienne Sioux Koopersmith thought about when she invented the day in 1994?  Below are a few examples of how you might splurge on your dad for father’s day.

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How about a boat?  Just something small that he and his favorite 50 people can sail around the world.  Who knows, maybe he’d even take you along!


Or how about a game room at home where he can disappear for hours and play his favorite games?  Maybe, on very special occasions, he might even allow you to come in and play a game or two.


And there is always a home theater where dad can watch football or his favorite film. Then, when dads not home, you can use the theater yourself.

Airbus A380 Interior 07

Since you are splurging why not buy dad a plane like the one above. Sure, maybe he only travels a few blocks to get to work but think of how relaxed he’ll be when he finally gets there. It also may help with the family trips. Naturally it helps if someone in the family is a pilot but that needn’t stop you from making the purchase. You could always pull the plane behind your car like a trailer and show just how classy you really are.


And last, but not least, you could get dad his own personal railroad car. Just hook on to any freight train or Amtrak and leave the driving to them. You may not know where you are going or even want to be where you end up but think of the fun you could have along the way.


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… you could just splurge and get him a tie.

How to celebrate: Think about the most outrageous thing you can buy for someone and get it. Write down a splurge list you can work on over time.  Hire a butler for just one day and live the high life.

June 17th Battle of Bunker Hill Day

Today most bloggers will be writing about the great holidays of Apple Strudel Day, Flip Flop Day, Stewart’s Root Beer Day, and Eat You Vegetables Day, and while they are indeed important days to America, you’ll forgive me if I choose a lesser known one, the Battle of Bunker Hill Day.

You may remember Paul Revere’s Ride or what happened at Lexington and Concord, but the American Revolution really started above Boston on Breed’s Hill. True the Americans and the British collided at Lexington and then Concord, and the British were manhandled on their retreat back to Boston, but if that was where it ended, little would have changed.

As the British retreated into Boston the Americans surrounded them cutting off any movement from the Charlestown Peninsula (where Boston rests) except by sea. General Gage knew he had to break out. He feared little from the rebels, after all he had the finest troops Europe had ever seen under his command.

The break out was to come at Bunker Hill but rebel Colonel William Prescott saw Breed’s Hill, a slightly smaller hill next to Bunker Hill, as a better spot to defend. The attack came on June 17th, 1775.


The British charged once and the rag tag army of the rebels drove them back.  Prescott issued his famous command, “Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes”. A second attack was launched with the same results. Staggered, but not beaten, the British reformed once again and charged with their most determined attack yet and broke the American lines.


However, the British losses were higher than anyone had expected. They drove the Americans back, but not away from Boston. The British retreated back into Boston to tend to their dead and wounded, and the Americans, encouraged by their near defeat of England’s best, closed back in. The siege of Boston began, and the Continental Congress sent George Washington to take command.


The American’s losses were some 300 dead and wounded. So while it may not be as interesting as Flip Flop Day, I think it holds some importance in America’s history.

How to celebrate: Visit Boston if you can. Remember Breed’s Hill and what it meant to our freedom. Fly the flag to show your support for those who led our way.

June 16th National Dump the Pump Day

What if you never had to buy another gallon of gas or never had to get stuck in traffic? What if you could read a book on the way to work or take a nap on your way home from work? Well you can if you use public transportation, though you might not want to actually take a nap.

The idea of National Dump the Pump Day is to try and get more people to use public transportation for all sorts of very good reasons. There would be less traffic on the road, less pollution, less road rage, and according to the experts, a normal couple would save over $9,000.00 a year by not having to buy gas, not having to buy licenses, tags, insurance…


Also proven is that for every dollar spent on public transportation the economy gains four dollars according to the American Public Transportation Association, the APTA.  Insurance companies and gas companies are not too thrilled about this however.


The fact is, if more people used public transportation our country would be a lot better off. Advances in transportation would benifit us all but it can only happen if we use what is already there.


If you live in a city like New York, public transportation is practically a requirement. Even if you have your own car good luck finding a place to park it.

This is the 11th year this holiday has been celebrated.

How to celebrate:  Try using public transportation for just one day. Encourage others to use public transportation (if nothing else it will open up the roads more for you). Help change the things that are wrong with the public transportation in your area.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

With the tragedies happening in our city this week we could really use a heaping dose of Smile Power Day!

There’s only one thing more contagious than a yawn is a smile. The smile is the most powerful tool on earth. It can warm the heart, chase away the blues, and make people feel good about nearly any situation you find yourself in. See if you can resist smiling at these smiling faces.

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Sometimes it’s the little stuff in life that makes you smile the most. In fact, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are a smile is a smile. It’s universal. It means the same thing in any language.


And a smile is perhaps the sexiest expression to ever stir the heart. It’s hard to resist a smile.




When you smile, your eyes sing.  ou are truly giving someone the best gift you could ever give them, just smile.

How to celebrate: Smile at everyone you see today. Give your loved one a true smile. Return any smile you are lucky enough to receive.



June 14th Flag Day

Our flag symbolizes freedom, tolerance, and a chance for a better life. That said, it does not mean those ideals come easy or cheap. The first flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14th, 1777.


This was also the birth of the US Army as well.

The men who fought for this flag knew more than any of us know how fragile that flag was. Any day their fight might come to an end with loss, or victory. They fought in the cold, in swamps, outnumbered and often friendless, to give us all a chance for what we have today.


The flag had meaning to them. It had soul. It meant a new beginning. It was something special. They flew it proudly announcing their choice to be free.


The first town to celebrate Flag Day was Fairfield, Washington in 1909. A proclamation was declared by Woodrow Wilson on June 14th, 1916 to celebrate Flag Day, it was slow to catch on.

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Pennsylvania was the first state to actually declare Flag Day as a state holiday in 1937.  Over the years other states joined the celebration and Congress finally declared, by an Act of Congress, a National Flag Day in 1949.


The first Flag Day parade was held in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1950 earning the town the “Most Patriotic City in America”. If you think about, a lot of people died making sure you have the right to have a flag. It may, or may not, mean a lot to you, opinions have changed over the years, but what it represented to those who made sure it still flew today is worth honoring if nothing else. Or you could be like Three Oaks, Michigan – they fly the largest flag ever made proudly. It must still mean something to them.

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How to celebrate: Fly your flag proudly. Remember those who died so that you could fly your flag. Gather flags from every country that your family tree came from.

June 13th Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

We all have some talent that we can share with the world. We may be really good at sports, or with computers, or maybe at politics, but not all of us shine in the kitchen. In fact some are so bad that in certain households they are banned from the kitchen altogether.


I have known many like this. They can burn water, bandages are found in every drawer (and some dishes), and that tell-tale hair that seems to pass from one entrée to the next.

Even the very best can make a mistake here or there. A tad bit too much salt, maybe a little too spicy for some, and the steak either too well done or not done well enough. But the true Klutz (a clumsy person) can destroy everything from the appetizer to the desert.  They can make too much of one thing…


…and not enough of another.


Give them credit though, they will always do their best to satisfy. It may never quite work out and may at times even be dangerous but you have to admire their tenacity and will to succeed.

delete cookies

How to celebrate: Enjoy some klutzes meal no matter how bad it is. Try cooking something with your eyes closed. Find something else for that “would-be” klutz to get into, the world will thank you.

June 12th National Jerky Day

Jerky has been around for a while, dating back to at least 1550. In fact the term jerky comes to us from the Quechua tribe in South America, a part of the great Inca Empire. They used the word “ch’arki” which mean “to burn” meat.


1 pound of meat is reduced to 4 ounces of jerky by drying it, normal in a salt cure, for use at a later date.  It hardly ever goes bad and is low fat, low calories, and low carbs. The meat is trimmed of it’s fat before the curing stages which produces a nutrient rich treat capable of replacing a meal if so required. Cowboys driving cattle on the open ranges often ate jerky while in the saddle. It was easy to carry, didn’t go bad and required only your fingers and at least two matching teeth to chew.


Today it continues to be a healthy snack. Even the astronauts have chosen it repeatedly to carry into space with them. Most jerky today is made from bovine, but across the world there are numerous other types of meat used to create it.  Many include: pork, goat, mutton, lamb, deer, kudu, springbor, kangaroo, bison, turkey, ostrich, salmon, alligator, tuna, emu, horse, camel, and earthworm.

National Jerky Day was founded by Jack Link’s beef in 2012.267889

How to celebrate: Try some jerky. Make your own jerky. Try a type of jerky you have never tried before.