Press Release: Announcing 2 New Boxes Added to the Unboxing the Bizarre™ Line

For Release: May 11 00:01 EST

Exciting News! We are pleased to announce some exciting additions to our Unboxing the Bizarre™ Box line. Starting today, we are launching a Causes Box and the 1st in the Series of Collectors Boxes – a Salt and Pepper Shaker Box.

Both boxes still hold true to the founding and guiding roots of Unboxing the Bizarre™, celebrating the Weird, Wacky, Wild, Offbeat, and Bizarre Holidays!

1st up – The Causes Box


The Causes Box includes 4 items (1 x 4 holidays) based on 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays that celebrate causes for the celebration month, such as Amnesty Day, Ocean Day, Water Day etc.

$8.00 of this box will be donated to the 4 causes of the month and will be chronicled in our monthly blog. The Box also comes with information cards that include some brief trivia about the holidays/causes and some interesting suggestions on ways you can celebrate in all of the wackiness.

Next up – the first in our Unboxing the Bizarre™ Collectors Series: the Shake it Up Box (Collectible S&P Shakers)


The Shake it Up Box is still in the spirit of the original Holiday Box. It includes 2 sets of Collectible S&P Shakers based on 2 offbeat, wacky, crazy, and bizarre holidays of the month and also includes the information cards that provide some brief trivia about the holidays and some interesting suggestions on ways you can celebrate in all of the wackiness.

Unlike our other boxes that have a S&H fee of $8.99, the Unboxing the Bizarre™  Shake it Up Box includes FREE Shipping within the US.

For both boxes, please contact us for international shipping rates at

With these new additions, we also are saying a bittersweet goodbye to the Deluxe Holiday Box. We loved the idea of giving our subscribers a holiday that they might be more familiar with, but it seems as though our Unboxing Family favors our original founding idea – giving the offbeat and bizarre holidays their time in the spotlight!

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Thank you to all of our past, present, and future subscribers – WE LOVE YOU and are glad you’re on the journey of wackiness with us!

Click here to meet the team behind the box!



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