April 28th National Blueberry Pie Day

It’s funny how when you look for it, Mother Nature provides us with all we need.  Perhaps one of the most perfect foods on the face of the earth is the Blueberry.  It contains more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable and helps improve memory, brain function and is packed with vitamin C and fiber.  It reduces the chance of heart attack and heart failure, helps stop degradation of skin collagen, combats colon, liver and ovarian cancer, has a low glycemic level and may even have benefits for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The blueberry is native to America, particularly in Maine where more are grown than in any other place in the world.  They were called “Star Berries” by the Native Americans because of the 5 perfect points at the end of the blossom.  It seems inevitable that if it tastes good, a little sweet and a bright color and someone will make a pie out of it.  Good for us because it’s a way to eat something good for us that tastes so, so good too. (That’s not to say that there may be some not so good stuff in a pie for us as well)

images (23)

Blueberry Pie may be a nearly perfect pie.  Of course, to eat the blueberry in its natural form is always the best… but most of us have to add a little sugar or syrup anyway, hence a pie.  And what could be more patriotic?  You might naturally think of Apple pie but wait, apples were a part of the diet in Europe and Asia long before America was discovered.  So enjoy that blueberry pie and maybe add a little ice cream or whip cream, or what the heck, both and think of just how truly patriotic you are being while savoring every morsel.

How to celebrate:  Bake a blueberry pie.  Eat a blueberry pie. Make a blueberry pie for a friend.

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