March 20 Snowman Burning Day

At Unboxing the Bizarre we cover every holiday but focus on the ones that truly don’t get the mainstream attention that is due them. We particularly like the ones that you just say – Really??? Today is one of those days – we bring you Snowman Burning Day!

Olaf and Frosty better not read on….

The tradition itself has good intentions, but honestly burning a cute snowman to bring in the spring just doesn’t have the same warm fuzzy effect like Punxatauny Phil does on Ground Hog Day.

But then again look at who started it – The Unicorn Hunters of LSSU during the time of peace, psychedelic visions, and “make love – not war” in 1971.

Well actually, the Unicorn Hunters made it popular in the US, but the Germans had already been celebrating a similar holiday for years called The Rose Sunday Festival. The Snowman however was a Strawman and similar to Santa Clause the Holiday centered around children being good for all of the events to happen.

LSSU to this day, still celebrates the Holiday every March 20th. For more info on their events and history of the day, as well as videos, click here to visit LSSU.

If you would like to save Olaf and Frosty’s Families here are some non-burning ways to celebrate the day :

Make a Florida Snowman (Out of Sand) to celebrate the warmer coming months


Make a Snowman Martini to drink to cold away


Read Frosty the Snowman with your Family, and have a singalong with some of the popular songs from the movie, and then just like Frosty – put the book away until next winter


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